50 Cent. Collector's Box (3 CD)

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Audio CD
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Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку. К изданию прилагается мини-постер 24 x 24 см и карточки с фотографиями.Издание содержит:CD 1: 50 Cent. X-Posed. The Interview. No artist in recent years has made an impression on both the music charts and the collective consciousness quite like 50 Cent. From his almost unbelievable upbringing - involving the murder of his mother, an abortive record deal with Sony and being shot numerous times at close range, 50's story reads like a movie script. On 50 Cent X-Posed, he tells this story in his own words, revealing how he grew up in the ghetto, swapped drugs for music and cheated death. He talks about his violent clashes with other musicians and how he handles the huge success he has now achieved. A rare occasion to hear the world's biggest rapper revealing all, this , is a must have CD for every fan of this phenomenal talent. CD 2: Maximum 50 Cent. The Unauthorised Biography 50 Cent.К изданию прилагается 8-страничный иллюстрированный буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском языке. CD 3: Maximum Run Dmc. The Unauthorised Biography Of Run Dmc.Диск упакован в Jewel Case и вложен в картонную коробку. К изданию прилагается 8-страничный иллюстри...


  • Исполнитель: "Run DMC",50 Cent
  • Тип медиа-носителя: Audio CD
  • Год: 2012
  • Страна производства товара: Европейский Союз

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Intro: Story Of Legends,Back At The Block Party,The Right Profile,Bigger Than Most,Setting A New Standard,Ceaseless Invention,Born Again,Tragedy Stalls The Comeback Kids,Moving Tributes To A Unique Talent,Inventors Of A New Language,Intro/ This Is For Real,Born To Do It The Hustle,The Break,Shot Up,Back To The Streets,Making It Happien,Enter Eminem,Loss Of A Legend,The Album,We Got Beef,After The Fact,The Interview (Part 1),The Interview (Part 2),The Interview (Part 3),The Interview (Part 4),The Interview (Part 5),The Interview (Part 6)



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Рэп и R&B//Зарубежный рэп и хип-хоп


Maximum Run Dmc. The Unauthorised Biography Of Run Dmc,Maximum 50 Cent. The Unauthorised Biography 50 Cent,50 Cent. X-Posed. The Interview

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Jewel Case

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